Visit and tasting in a Turin’s chocolate lab

Visit and tasting | about 30 minutes

To Bruna and Giorgio Peyrano the world of chocolate can be discovered only through practice: “tasting and smelling chocolate is not enough to decide whether it’s good or bad. All production stages behind it must be understood.” This short visit with tasting in Turin will let you understand the backstage scene of a historical chocolate factory active since 1915. The visit takes you to the family lab where cocoa beans, coming from trustworthy suppliers across the continents, are daily handled according to traditional methods and transformed into different types of chocolate and in the well renown Gianduiotti.


Meeting point

Meeting point at Peyrano, 3 different visiting hours
  • 9 a.m. / 10 a.m. / 11 a.m., Monday through Friday

Visit and tasting

  • Lab visit with the history of chocolate and of Peyrano, illustrated by the Peyranos or by a production manager
  • Show of production methods
  • Melted chocolate tasting
  • Tasting of end product at end of visit

End activity

End of Officine Turistiche service

Additional information

DurationAbout 0.30 h.
Groups | IndividualIndividual Min. 2 pax

Visit and Tasting in a Turin’s Chocolate Lab

Visit and tasting | about 30 minutes

Peyrano is a chocolate family business established in 1915. The founder Antonio Peyrano, passionate about chemistry and sweets, opens a small factory in Corso Moncalieri, Turin where the Peyrano has been located to this day, and with the help of the sisters Giovanna and Lucia he begins to produce fine chocolate starting from cocoa beens. In a short amount of time, their product seduces the entire upper class of the time. From 1920 they start supplying the Royal House regularly. In the 1930s, Angiola Peyrano upgrades tools and machinery, turning the family business into a small industry which produces about 2 tons of chocolate a year.

What’s in the Tour:

Lab visit with history of chocolate and of Peyrano illusrated by the Peyranos or by a production manager + show of production methods + in-lab tasting of melted chocolate + tasting of end product at end of visit (visit lasts about 30 minutes)

STARTING POINT/ARRIVALPeyrano | Corso Moncalieri, 47 Torino
SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES 09.00 a.m/ 10.00 a.m. / 11.00 a.m.
Lab visit Show of production methods
 Tasting of melted chocolate(dark and milk chocolate)  + gianduiottiInsurance
City Tax