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How food and wine tourism can lead to direct selling and customer loyalty

Direct selling and customer loyalty:

Food and wine tourism, also dubbed oenotourism, is definitely on the rise in Italy. In the past five years the number of Italians who buy directly from producers has trebled, farmer markets have seen a whopping record of 15 million customers in 2015.

Direct selling is responsible for more than 74% of the revenue for wineries producing less than 2500 wine boxes a year, and 68% for wineries reaching the threshold of 5000 boxes a year. This percentage is lower (24%) – yet quite significant – for bigger wineries, producing up to 250.000 wine boxes a year.

Food and wine tourism is an important chance to advertise a brand and to gain customers’ loyalty. Those who visit the production site tend to keep buying the product and share the experience with friends and relatives.

Focus on tastings in winery:

… it’s clear, therefore, that winemakers in Italy – not only those associated with Città del Vino – consider food and wine tourism to be a great opportunity to advertise their production.

The 2014 visits declared by the 80 companies in the sample amounted to 103,824: consequently, visitors on a national scale amount to approximately 10,382,400 people. Visits in the first half of 2015 declared by the 80 companies in the sample amounted to 68,548: consequently, the arrivals of the first half of 2015 estimated at national level should amount to a total of 6,854,800, while visitors of the whole year 2015 are estimated at a total of 13,709,600.

Arrivi in cantina e vendita diretta

The companies’ turnover deriving from the visitors declared by the 80 companies in the sample amounts to a total of 2,145,312 euros: consequently, the 2014 company turnover from arrivals on a national estimate amounts to a total of 214,531,200 euros. The companies’ turnover for the first half of 2015 deriving from the arrivals to the production sites declared by the 80 companies in the sample amounts to a total of 1,122,942 euros: consequently, the company’s turnover for the first half of 2015 resulting from arrivals on a national estimate should total a total of 121,294. 200 euros, while the companies’ turnover for the entire 2015 deriving from arrivals nationwide should amount to 242,588,400.

fatturato da enoturismo

Among the diverse food and wine activities such as:

  • visits to the vineyard
  • visits to the winery
  • visitors who took part in harvests
  • visitors who took part in events at the winery
  • visitors who had food
  • visitors who stayed overnight
  • bottles bought directly from the winery

the most important is definitely the direct sale of bottles at the winery, making up to 70% of most companies’ turnover in 2014.

85% of wine tourists buy directly from the producer.

(Source: Città del Vino)

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