Craft brewery and the Real Ale

Visit and Tasting | Duration: approximately 2 hours

The brewery is located in a building dating back to 1860, it is immersed in a luscious green valley embraced by the river Pirichiriano springs and overlooked by the Sacra di San Michele, an iconic Piedmontese monument. The Brewery was born in October 2010 from the passion for craft beer, with the aim of promoting real beer, the cask ale that used to be enjoyed in the past and that consumeristic reasons have completely changed, not leaving its properties unaltered. The activity consists of a visit to the brewery where visitors will get the chance to get acquainted with the raw materials used for the production. The production process will be shown as well: from the premises to the preparation, bottling, fermentation and second bottling processes. At the end of the visit a tasting of beers plus a cured meats and cheese platter will be available.


Meeting point

Meeting point at Brewery

  • At Noon
  • At 04:00 p.m.

Activities and tasting

You will be guided in a tour comprising:
  • A visit to the brewery with a short lesson on the production process: you explore the premises and learn more about the preparation, bottling, fermentation an second bottling processes.
  • A tasting: One pint of beer or four 10 cl. draught beers + cured meats and cheese platter.

End of the visit

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Additional information

DurationAbout 2 h.
Groups | IndividualIndividual Min. 2 pax

Craft brewery and the Real Ale

Visit and Tasting | Duration: approximately 2 hours

The discovery of craft beer by the founder of the brewery dates back many years, thanks to some travel experiences in Northern Europe, where the tradition of craft beers and real ales has always been significantly important. In those years, industrial beers were ubiquitous in Italy, whereas craft beers were mostly unheard of. That’s how a dream – or better yet a mission – began. A mission to the rediscovery of genuine things, the goal to better represent the most consumed drink in the world. The aim to dispel the myth of the impossibility to match a proper beer to the food we have for lunch or dinner. This is how a genuinely excellent beer comes to life, with a lot of passion, an unfiltered crafting process, fresh mountain water, the use of organic ingredients and the attention to every single bottle.

What’s in the tour:

Visits to the brewery + Beer tasting + Cured meats and cheese platter (Duration: 2 hours approx.)

SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES Noon and h.04:00 p.m.
Visits to the breweryBeer tasting
Cured meats and cheese platterInsurance
City tax