Parmigiano and Culatello, Cycling Tour along the land of Parma.

Visit and Tasting on a dairy farm+cured meat factory | Full day-55  Km.

The Duchy of Parma is a land where traditions are well represented in all the artistic, cultural, historical and food-related aspects. The plain is extremely fertile and crossed by several canals. On their banks, several bicycle tracks guarantee that this might be the paradise for cycle tourists and even families looking for a quiet ride. Many castles and palaces are scattered in this land, most notably the wonderful Colorno Palace, dubbed “The Italian Versailles”. The river Po, with its majesty and traditions, is the northern border of the itinerary that will lead you to the discovery of the culinary heritage of the “Bassa”.


Meeting point

  • Meeting point at Parma Central station


  • Visit and tasting in a traditional dairy farm where Parmigiano Reggiano D.o.p is produced
  • Visit to see the production of Culatello di Zibello D.o.p
  • Lunch based on cured meats and other local delicacies such as Culatello, Pancetta I.g.p., Salame di Felino and Tortelli di Erbette.
  • Cycling tour guide, bicycle hire and assistance

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Additional information

DestinationEmilia Romagna
DurationFull day
Groups | IndividualGroups min. 4 pax

Parmigiano and Culatello, Cycling Tour along the land of Parma.

Visit and Tasting on a dairy farm+cured meat factory | Full day-55  Km


A laid-back cycling itinerary will lead us from Parma to the banks of the river Po. This itinerary unfolds on the bicycle tracks on the river banks and on minor roads with little traffic. From Parma we will first reach Colorno, famous for its Palace and its garden of the Renaissance and for the ALMA international cooking school, managed by Gualtiero Marchesi. We will cycle on towards the river Po and visit a dairy farm belonging to the Consorzio del Parmigiano (Consortium of the Parmigiano) where we will taste two different types of Parmigiano, one aged for 24 months and the other aged for 36. After this we will proceed to visit one of the 24 producers of Culatello di Zibello D.o.p. Lunch will be served there, and we will have the chance to try different kinds of Culatello, local cured meats, tortelli alle erbe and homemade cakes. We will head back to Parma later in the afternoon.

What’s in the tour:
Visits and Parmigiano Reggiano tasting + Visit to a cured meat factory where Culatello is produced + Lunch based on local delicacies and cured meats + Cycling tour guide and bicycle hire (duration: entire day)

STARTING POINT/ARRIVALParma Central Station | Piazza C.A. dalla Chiesa
Visit + luncheon with cured meats (Culatello/Pancetta/Salame felino) and other local delicacies (tortelli, torte) + local wineBike hire + cycling guide
Visit and tasting of parmigianoReggianoInsurance
City tax