The Chocolate of Modica: Laboratory and Tasting.

Tasting, lab, lunch or dinner | Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Chocolate processing in Modica is an ancient ritual that creates a completely different type of chocolate from what we are normally accustomed to.
In the traditional cold processing method no milk, butter or other fats are used and the result is an exquisitely delicate product.
Moreover, with this peculiar technique, sugar is not melted but it crystallises, giving the chocolate its unique taste.
The processing method is very ancient and was brought to Sicily by the Spaniards who had learnt this precious technique from the Aztecs, a population that cherished this precious black powder.
In this part of Sicily we’ll discover how chocolate is produced and we will create our chocolate bar. We’ll also taste the Cioccolato Modicano while walking among the perfumes of the aromas blended in the chocolate bars such as pistachios, chilli and vanilla.


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  • Presentation of the Chocolate of Modica
  • Chocolate tasting
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  • Choice of lunch or dinner

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DurationAbout 2 h.

The Chocolate of Modica: Laboratory and Tasting.

Tasting, lab, lunch or dinner | Duration: Approximately 2 hours.


The Laboratory was established with the aim to promote the history, the origins and the processing of cocoa. The whole production is handmade, which allows the chocolate to better enshrine its perfume and aroma. In order to do so, we’ll head to the “Fabbrica del Cioccolato” (Chocolate Factory) to get acquainted with this tasty delicacy from Modica and learn more about its origins, nutritional facts and processing method. We’ll also find out how to make a chocolate bar from scratch. At the end of the activity you will be able to choose whether to stay for lunch or dinner and you’ll be invited to taste the ” Chocolate menus”  consisting of meat . Please note that the ingredients may vary according to the season’s fresh produce.

What’s in the Tour:
Chocolate tasting+Chocolate Lab+Choice of lunch or dinner (Duration: 2 hours + Lunch)

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