Artisan Ham Production and Tasting

Visit and tasting/lasts about 2 hours

The Black Pig Ham comes from the area worldwide known as Parma Food Valley thanks to climate, soil and craft. With respect to traditional methods, here is produced one of Italy’s culinary masterpieces. In Traversolo, Black pigs, an ancient, semi-endangered breed, are raised in the open, in a natural protective habitat made by steep and narrow rocky inlets, small mud volcanoes and oak woods.


Meeting Point

  • Meeting spot at  Traversetolo
  • Last visit at 13.00

Visit and tasting

  • guided visit along ham production line
  • tasting of “Maiale Nero”ham aged 30 months

End activity

End of Officine Turistiche service

Additional information

DestinationEmilia Romagna
DurationAbout 2 h.
Groups | IndividualIndividual Min. 2 pax

Artisan ham production and tasting

Visit and tasting | lasts about 2 hours

We’ll take you along an itinerary that shows the production of prosciutto crudo, from salting to aging. The ham has to air 12 months before being taken down to the valley and stacked in cellars for two more years. Black pigs are fed an entirely vegetable diet: grass, corn, barley, wheat, field beans, berries and acorns. Ham, with an intense taste that reminds of the scent of the woods, is made with these meats. We’ll taste the  Black Pig Ham at the Prosciutto Bar.

What’s in the tour:

Guided visit to ham production + tasting of “Maiale Nero”ham aged 30 months (visit lasts about 2 hours)

SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIESFrom 10.00 to 13.00. From Monday to Friday
Guided visit to ham productionTasting of “Maiale Nero”ham aged 30 months
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