The skyscrapers in Porta Nuova: guided tour in the new Milan.

Guided Urban Tour: The skyscrapers in Porta Nuova + Tasting | Duration: Approximately 3 hours

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The Urban Tours by Officine Turistiche are urban itineraries combining art, culture and the world of food and wine. These guided tours are entirely on foot and cater for small groups. They’re followed by bespoke food and wine tastings, always with a strong connection with a particular product or territory.

Urban Tour | The skyscrapers in Porta Nuova and tasting at Odilla Chocolat, blending future and tradition.

The urban redevelopment of Porta Nuova and Porta Garibaldi has projected Milan into the future. The capital of Lombardy is finally catching up with other European cities, and has been wondering about the value of urban green areas, liveability and environmental sustainability, thus creating a urban planning that is definitely unprecedented in the Italian territory.

It is here where the new Milanese skyscrapers are born, from a very peculiar meeting between future and ecology. Our guided tour will be the perfect opportunity to get to know this new forward-looking Milan. The heart of the project, secluded by glass-steel skyscrapers and “vertical woods”, is Piazza Gae Aulenti. Artistic installations, pools of water, lights and 23 “golden trumpets” connecting the underground levels to the surface, make this square quite a unique place.

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Our guide will show us the ‘Unicredit Tower’ by César Pelli, built around the central core of Piazza Gae Aulenti, the Bosco Verticale (vertical wood) by Stefano Boeri, whose concept of green, self-sufficient and eco-sustainable skyscraper is unique in the world, and we will also see the Torre Diamante (diamond tower) and the Aria and Solaria towers. With this tour you will fully unravel what has led to these changes, and what they will mean in the future both artistically and socially. At the end of our tour we will meet the other inner soul of the Garibaldi district, its traditional and historical soul, linked to the traditions of craftsmen and small shops. Here, in a small chocolate boutique we will be told a story made of study and research about chocolate. A vertical tasting of hazelnuts will take place, where a master chocolate expert will guide us through an overwhelming experience that will tickle all our senses.


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DurationAbout 3 h.
InfoE’ richiesto un minimo di 10 partecipanti, A minimum of 10 people is required

The skyscrapers in Porta Nuova: guided tour in the new Milan.


Guided Urban Tour: The skyscrapers in Porta Nuova + Tasting | Duration: Approximately 3 hours

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Meeting point

Meeting point at Milano in Piazza Gae Aulenti
  • Departure time will be scheduled according to participants’ requests

Urban Tour

In this Tour we will visit:
  • Piazza Gae Aulenti
  • Unicredit Tower
  • Bosco Verticale
  • Quartiere Porta Nuova
  • Corso Como
  • Corso Garibaldi


  • A vertical tasting of hazelnuts at Odilla Chocolat 

End of the visit

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