A visit to Monferrato to taste wines and visit an “Infernot”

Visit and tasting in wine cellar + Infernot | Duration: approximately 1.30 hrs

A young family-run winery, among the rolling hills in Alto Monferrato, focusing on native vines such as Grignolino, Barbera and Croatina. It all began in Ponzano Monferrato, a panoramic village with less than 400 inhabitants in the hills around Alessandria, where a family bought a house to spend their free time. A family with a dream, the desire to make wine. Ten years later, in 2013- after purchasing three hectares of vineyards near the house in the hills- the dream finally comes true with the first harvests of Grignolino and Barbera.

With this activity you will have the opportunity to taste 4 wines from the winery and visit the vineyards and their Infernot. Upon request, a vertical tasting of Grignolino can be arranged.


Meeting point

Meeting at the winery
  • h. 10:30

Activity and tasting

The activity includes:
  • Visit to the vineyards (with or without guide)
  • Visit to the wine cellar
  • Visit to the Infernot
  • Tasting of 4 wines: Grignolino, Barbera, Barbera Superiore and red Monferrato, accompanied by a platter of locally-produced cheese and cured meats.

End of the visit

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Additional information

DurationAbout 1.30 h.
Groups | IndividualGroups min. 4 pax

A visit to Monferrato to taste wines and visit an “Infernot”

Visit and tasting in wine cellar + Infernot | Duration: approximately 1.30 hrs

The Monferrato region boasts several characteristics that make it a unique territory, protected by UNESCO. In particular, in Lower Monferrato, most of the old farmhouses are built with large blocks of a stone that can only be found here, the so-called Pietra da Cantoni, from the name of the squared blocks used for masonry. With this experience you will visit this recent winery and find out more about its work ethics deriving from the total respect of local traditions and slow natural rhythms. You will also have the chance to taste the wines produced in situ and visit the Infernot.

What’s in the tour :

Tasting of 4 wines accompanied by  locally-produced cheese and cured meats + Visit to the vineyards , to the wine cellar + Visit to the Infernot . Duration: approximately 1.30 hrs

1 Visit to the vineyards + Visit to the wine cellarVisit to the Infernot
4 wines accompanied by locally-produced cheese and cured meats.Insurance
City tax