Aosta Valley Typical products
Valle d'Aosta

Valle d’ Aosta cooking depends on cattle, the few growable agricultural products, cereals and fruit from the woods. Lots of butter and Fontina, the traditional local cheese. For starters Arnad Lard, Moccetta, Prosciutto from Bosses and Teteun. Polenta is the staple and it can be dressed with Ragù (ground meat sauce), sausage and Fontina. Typical entrées are Fontina dumplings, Crepes Val d’Aosta Style, Fonduta valdostana, and Rice Soup. As main dishes Beef Steak Val d’Aosta style, Salmì Hare or Chamois and Fresh water fish such as Trouts. Desserts lean on the fruit from the woods, walnuts, hazelnuts and honey.


Typical products of  Aosta Valley

  • Boudin → Valle d’Aosta Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle
  • Fontina DOP → Valle d’Aosta Enfer d’Arvier
  • Lardo d’Arnad Valle d’Aosta DOP → Valle d’Aosta Moscato di Chambave secco
  • Motsetta → Valle d’Aosta Müller Thurgau
  • Teteun → Valle d’Aosta Moscato di Chambave Secco
  • Valle d’Aosta Fromadzo DOP → Valle d’Aosta Pinot Bianco
  • Valle d’Aosta Jambon de Bosses DOP → Valle d’Aosta Enfer d’Arvier

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